Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Summer Fun!

It was Collin's first year at Scout Camp! It was something he was really looking forward to, especially since his dad was going to be able to go with him. How fun is that! Since I wasn't there, I don't have first hand knowledge of all the scout stuff that happened, but here are some photos you might enjoy.

Swimming Hole fun!
Hangin' with a fellow scout and good friend, Bryant!
He's not tired is he?
A skill taught at camp of balancing water bottles on your
head is very critical to learn as a first year scouter!

That's my boy!

Quite the fisherman!

While I was in Oregon and Kirk and Collin went to Scout Camp.....Samantha got to go spend time with her Atlanta cousins and Grandma and Grandpa! She was not sad about this at all! She had so much fun I think she got a bit spoiled!
Swimming in Grandpa's pool!
Going to Six Flags...
Going to art class with Grandma! What an artist!
And finally, going to the lake house to find some fish!

Thanks to Aunt Betsy, she also got to go horseback riding, rollerskating and more...thanks Aunt Betsy and thanks to Grandma for keeping her plenty busy and having fun!