Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

It's just another typical summer day around here. We've got a pool in the back yard and it gets used just about every day. It's pretty nice to get the extra energy out. We've discovered a problem with our pool this year in that it never gets clear. So when we got the water tested we found out that every 3 years we're supposed to change out the sand in the filter. We've been in this house for over 5 now and never done this. But being that we've got less than a month until school starts and the pool closes, we're going to put off that expense until next year. The pool is perfectly safe to swim in, no worries, just not looking to pretty. The kids surely don't seem to mind. Above you see, McKenzie, Samantha and Karlee just enjoying the sun and lazy summer days!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here we go...

Welcome everyone into the fantastically exciting life of the Mitchell family. Well, maybe not that exciting, but we do have some fun here and there. I hope by doing this blog that those family and friends who are far away, can somehow stay connected to us. Maybe you'll even enjoy the fun stories we have to tell. So Collin is here with me tonight and wants me to start with him. I won't start at his beginning, but his greatest accomplishment in the decade he has been on this earth. It would namely be his ability to spend almost his entire 4th grade year with a cast on his right arm. It all began in September of 2007 at his first tackle football practice with pads. (He wanted to make sure that you knew it was with the pads.) His first play ended up with a snaped arm and an evening spent in the ER. After two surgeries to put a rod in and take it out, he had a clean bill of health around the end of January 2008. This meant that he could now resume all activities and stop taking it "easy". I couldn't really tell a difference with his activities before and after that other than sitting on the sidelines during PE. Big Deal! So by early February (of that same year) he managed to break the same arm in almost the exact same place. This time it was basketball after Scouts. (We forgive you Zachary). He was used to the disability by this time, so it was really no big deal, but did last until almost the end of school that year. Great times!

That is all I will share at this time, until I get this all set up. I leave you with great anticipation of what's to come. Goodnight!