Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodbye Summer....Hello School Year!

Yes it is officially over! Summer has ended and the new school year is here! We have all survived the first week back, amazingly enough. I knew the kids would be fine, but this was my first time working the first week of school AT the school! Let me just tell you it is a totally crazy thing! All is well now...I have gotten caught up on my sleep this morning and I'm ready for another week! I can now reflect on those things that we will miss about the summer and take a look at the first day of school for the kids!

Collin's greatest joy was getting up before anyone else on those joyous summer mornings....can't drag him out of bed when it's a school day, but armed with the knowledge of a computer all to himself and total control of the TV remote....he's flying out of bed before dawn!
And my darling Samantha...her true summer joy was endless sleep! I just can't really blame her. She is totally her mother's daughter!
And it the bus stop by 6:50 a.m., not even really light yet, here we are at the bus stop. He even has a smile on his face. Lovely.
McKenzie, Kyler (now the big 6th grader!), and Collin......all together.
They really do love each other......
Then the sun was finally out and about and we were ready for the next group to get to the bus! Samantha was ready to go around 7am....bummer that the bus doesn't come until about 7:50. But she was ready and able to help her newest school attending cousin, Cade, get to the bus as well!
Doesn't she look so cute! I can't believe she's already in 5th Grade.

Here's the whole gang.....(from left to right) Eliza, Ali, Cade, Kavan, Karlee and Samantha. Eliza and Ali are not attending school however...just there for moral support.
Faces only mother's could love! Don't they look like brilliant students. Gotta love them!


Lynette said...

Jana, the kids are getting SO big! I LOVE their swimming team photos - that is a great sport to get into. I also wanted to tell you how darn cute - sorry, grown up - the kids bathroom looks. It's great. I love the saying that you placed above the shower too. I may just have to copy. :)

James, Amber, Wyatt & Eliza said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting. They are so cute!

April said...

Jana, you have the cutest kids! Watch out for Samantha...she is gorgeous!