Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fun!

So I've finally taken a bunch of pictures off my camera and decided to share with everyone a few things that our family have been up to. Of course there is a bunch to catch up on, so I'll be posting more soon. But here's a few goodies.....

Back during Spring dear son and nephew Kyler, decided to have some fun swinging on a dead vine. Well wouldn't you know it, you can still get a rash from poison ivy, even after it's been dead for a while. Poor boys were miserable for a week. And of course it was SPRING BREAK! So they were really bummed. This was supposed to have been a great week that Collin and Kirk were going to spend hiking together, but alternative plans were made. So sad!
Samantha decided to cut her gorgeous long locks for a better cause! She donated her hair and ended up with a really nice new look! You go girl!
Collin turns 12! Yep it's true, can you believe it? He got the priesthood and went on his first Temple Trip only a couple weeks after that! It was also his good friend, Bryant's first time! It was great they could share that together!

He's destined to be a rocker dude now with the new guitar he received for his birthday! He just sort of fell right into character when he picked the thing up. Amazing.....

And yes...the boys finally got to go on the long awaited father/son hike! It wasn't quite the hike they had expected (that's a whole other story), but they did have a great time doing all that male bonding stuff!