Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New Year! A New Addition!

As the new year has begun, we just felt something missing in our home. We are so blessed to have a new addition of a ferret named May! The kids are thrilled and are taking very good care of her, especially Collin. I just can't help but call it my term of endearment, "The Rat". At least it is quiet and likes to sleep a lot. And she does keep the kids entertained. So I guess she's not all bad. Just a little strange looking. So Happy New Year for us! It's already starting off with quite a lot of excitement!

Our Christmas Traditions!

One of my family tradtions growing up was decoating Gingerbread Men! We loved it and have carried it on to the next generation. The kids love it every year and as they have gotten older, really make some interesting pieces of art with these cookies!

The kids love making home made pizza's at Grandma Mitchell's Christmas Party! They have a ton of different toppings to choose from and just love coming up with their own combinations!

All the cousins acting out the Christmas Story. Our favorite was Cade being a donkey! So cute!

Our Christmas Wishes in our New Christmas PJs!

Thanksgiving 2008, brought our Mitchell family, and extended family, to Washington D.C.! It was a great trip! Cold, but great and we got to see so much of our country's history. Even though we saw a ton, we still missed much and need to go back again. This is our family on the steps of the capital building.

Here's our trick or treating group! Bryant Koschene, McKenzie, Taylor Stickler, Kavan, Karlee, Samantha, Ali, Collin, Cade and Kyler. There was much junk food to be had on that night!

I'm back again!

Well, I've finally determined that only when my children are sick, do I slow down and find time to do things such as this. I know that is pretty sad, but strangely enough, here I am again with two sick children. So what do I feel like doing, but updating the blog. Enough with excuses, I'm posting a few pictures to update our family happenings over the past few months that I've missed. So enjoy....